Louiseloves Is Your Online Bible To Fashion, Beauty And Style

Founded by acclaimed singer and fashion maven Louise Redknapp, LouiseLoves.com is that rare compendium of wit, style, and verve assembled in one constantly evolving forum. With regularly updated features on the latest trends in fashion, refreshingly original insights from contributing fashion editors, and numerous interactive guides to lingerie and other must-have apparel and accessories, LouiseLoves is THE guide to the sophisticated sensibilities of fashion, whether you live in London, Paris, New York, or anywhere in between.

The Triumph lingerie gallery, as modeled by Louise herself, offers a stunning tour of the latest in Triumph’s busty designs, from sheer to lacy to simply delightful. Each item is chosen to highlight its quality and innovative style. From elegantly placed diamond patterns to beautiful semi-transparent black lacy ovals, the gallery is an eye-popping display of the finest lingerie on the continent.

LouiseLoves.com offers its regular visitors chances to win discounts at some of the premier fashion outlets and retailers across the U.K., including special seasonal offers with esteemed luxury item manufacturers.
Plus, especially keen visitors to the website will notice they have a chance to win 20 percent or more off selected lingerie items by contributing their thoughts to the fashion blog.

LousieLoves.com isn’t just about featuring incredible designs and accessories – it’s about forming connections and sharing beauty advice. A variety of beauty editors from all around the globe share their impressions and tips on high profile events and remarkable outings.

Whether it’s Oscar season or Fashion Week, you can be sure to read the wittiest observations in the official beauty and lifestyle blog. Be sure to enter your details in Louise’s address book to stay on top of the latest updates.

But beyond the fantastic variety of apparel and accessories, LouiseLoves.com is also very much about the community. Louise believes in supporting charities that help women and nurture an attitude of healthy positivism. Simply by being a part of the website, you can help others achieve their goals and strengthen the community.

Whether you can’t get enough of the latest lingerie, or simply need to bat around some ideas for the perfect cocktail attire, LouiseLoves.com is your online bible to fashion, beauty, and style!